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Gavin is a keen film maker with a wide range of experience and he use the latest broadcast grade equipment. In addition to producing fashion film he works in a wide range of other areas including documentary, advertising and educational/instructional.

His work has been called for film festivals and one piece of client work has attracted over 10 million views on Youtube. Below are various examples of fashion films and other recent work, a full list of current work in the public domain is available on request.


These 2 films (below and right) are 30 second and 15 second  pieces to promote a clients product.



These 2 films (below and right) are narrative pieces to show a clients product.



A Catwalk Piece

Shot in late 2008 and before the new investment in equipment this client film about ‘Wearing the wrong size bra’  has had over 10m views on Youtube



Fitness Colour and Black and White edits