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Can’t I use any photographer really?

There is misconception that all photographers are the same, they are not. Industry surveys reveal that approximately half the industry works in the wedding and social market.  Just over 7% base their businesses in the fashion sector,  this means the minority of photographers have organised their business and gained the knowledge of how you want to shoot and market your garments.

To shoot garments the lighting required can be very specific, models need to be both suitable and appropriate, as are the skills and contacts needed to successfully produce your work. You will also be looking for an appropriate standard of work based on experience and industry specific knowledge.  As a comparison when choosing a doctor or lawyer, you would not expect an Ear Nose and Throat specialist to sort out a sports injury or a property lawyer to chase a bad debt.

But what does specializing in Lingerie, Legwear and Swimwear actually mean?

Being a specialist is about knowledge, resources and contacts. 

Knowledge is one of those intangibles you can’t see until it is called upon.  It goes from the basics of knowing how a sample should fit, to getting poses and styling right on trend for the position of brand be it stand alone or part of a number of brands in a portfoilo. 

Resources are what gets the job done and for a specialist it’s in how your studio’s equipped and then it’s all in the detail, be it having nail varnish remover, chicken fillets or crystal and flesh coloured  pasties on hand depending on if you are shooting a cammi or a corset. 

Contacts is simply knowing the best in the business and having them on call and available.

Why don’t you quote any of your clients names on your site?

I have a substantial marketing past and I know the importance of managing PR when brand building with big and small brands alike. Through the web a clients name can be seen anywhere, nowhere is invisible on line. Uncontrolled PR is the brand owners nightmare, and with the growth of blogs, facebook and forums there can be easy opportunity. The last thing you want is to do is spent time  dealing with PR problems from a suppliers blog, facebook or web site when things go wrong.  If a client allows me to produce a case study or approves a piece of PR that’s a bonus,  but it’s not for me or any member of the team to detract from a clients brand by unapproved name dropping for individual benefit. 

Do you work anywhere in the UK?

The simple answer is yes,  I’ve customers throughout the UK,  coming and shooting in my large comfortable Midlands based studio can reduce costs substantially over shooting in big studios in London and Manchester.  Creatives (MUA’s, stylists etc) are used to traveling,  some of the best in the industry live in the midlands and travel to London as needed. For clients who prefer to shoot in London resources are readily available I’m regularly in London working and seeing clients. 

With location work I can find myself anywhere, to meet this requirement all my equipment is portable and can be used without a fixed mains supply.